Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Lady Gaga Choosing Audi R8 GT

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Audi R8 GT so the choice of pop singer Lady Gaga. Sport utility vehicles were taken round the streets of Beverly Hills by Gaga on Thursday.
Audi R8 GT is one of the top of the supercar class, and the lightest weight.

Acceleration from standstill to 200km/jam reached in 10.8 seconds. (0-100km in 3.5 seconds). Maximum speed of 312 km / h.

Audi is rumored to only produce 333 units of R8 GT. Large energy needs "to drink" a special lot; 5.5 km for every 1 liter of gasoline.

Previous Lady Gaga is a fan of Rolls Royce, even the car was never a complement to the action stage. Now, the British luxury car production was shifted to the German brand Audi.

About Rolls Royce, Gaga (26) once commented that the two things which he said was most important that ever bought is a tool for his father's heart and Rolls Royce for his parents.

Meanwhile, through twitter, @ Audi said "yes, yes ... we are also pleased with  Lady Gaga's New Vehicle."
We believe Lady Gaga fits perfectly with the Audi R8 GT sports car, very well and we are confident it will make up the charm.

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Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Lady GaGa Concert Ends in Court

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lady gaga concert ends in court-The fate of Lady GaGa definitely has happened, despite the way it comes to entertaining, but the appearance of LadyGaGa in Russia eventually culminate uncomfortable. Rather than getting a partner and profit, management Lady GaGa justhave to deal with the law.
Reporting from Aceshowbiz, one management firm has beensued by ZAO TV service because of the appearance GaGawas not in accordance with their expectations. As a result,they also claim to suffer losses of up to $ 1.5 million.
The incident originated from a desire to present the ZAOLady Gaga to perform on the show Muz-TV Awards last June.They have provided paid on GaGa, but his performance wasnot as expected, so ZAO feel the need to seek redress.
According to news circulating, the ZAO has been agreed withmanagement that is based in Miami, but until now, has not been compensated in pay. In addition to cash compensation,management also had a debt of $ 300,000 as the cost ofdiscounts that had previously agreed.
Firm itself should be subject to the sap of anger because ofmanagement tersebutlah ZAO ZAO bring the chanter BornThis Way. But when the show did not go smoothly, ZAO also demanded his money back along with the cost ofcompensation.
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Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

Gladiator, Djokovic finally wins the Australian Open

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Novak Djokovic cemented himself as the best in Australian Open final after defeating Rafael Nadal in the long fight for five sets.
Djokovic, the defending champion, won 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, and 7-5 in 5 hours 53 minutes.
Men's singles finals this year became the longest in the history of the Australian Open and became the proving ground capability, strength, and stamina between Djokovic and Nadal.
Tournament officials said both players as gladiators.
"Djokovic should win. He played unbelievable," Nadal said after receiving the trophy.
Djokovic hopes to make history with Nadal in times to come.
"Nadal is the best player in the world. Tonight we made ​​history. Hopefully there will be more games like this in the future," said Djokovic.
  In this final match was over seeded Djokovic after the previous six games to beat Nadal, some of them in Grand Slam tournaments.
For Djokovic it was a Grand Slam title of her fifth.
Of the four Grand Slam that was h
eld throughout the year, the French Open is the only title that has not been achieved so far ini.Selamat for Djokovic Djokovic winning the Australian Open this season
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Childbirth With "Water Birth" No Pain

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Right now you need not fear a normal delivery has now been a lot of different delivery methods chosen by the mothers and expectant mothers, starting a normal delivery, caesarean section, up to now is a trend, water birth. All methods can be selected in accordance with the wishes and of course the health conditions of the prospective mother.Childbirth is an important moment for a woman. But there are many women who are very happy when pregnant, but scared to give birth. But, women can now give birth without pain, even full of comfort.The method is known as a water birth or birth in water. This method is able to make the mother relax so that pain and discomfort caused by the contraction can be reduced.Melani Literature (25) is one of many mothers who give birth without pain with this method. This mother of one admitted that he had long known about water birth, but only really find out when she conceived."When about to give birth, from month 2 until month 6 it feels pain. Until he must terpaksas cry. But once you enter the water, the pain was reduced," said a woman who is now settled in Brisbane, Australia, this.
Water birth is now a part of her lifestyle today. Water birth was not just a method of delivery. There are also many benefits of water birth is good for babies as well as for the mother.This method can reduce the risk of infant head injury, minimize the trauma of delivery, andimprove blood circulation in infants. For the mother, this method has many more benefits.The mother will feel more relaxed because all the muscles associated with the process of childbirth becomes elastic. The process will go more easily stiffened so that the pain will not be too pronounced. With this method also, the opening of the birth will take place more quickly.In the process of water birth, the mother who has experienced the opening of eight will be placed in a 1.5 meter diameter rubber pond that already contains the hot water temperature is adjusted to the mother's body temperature so that when the baby is born the transition to a new world will be more gentle.
After about 3-5 seconds a baby "swim", the baby immediately removed and given to the mother for early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD) in mother's arms. "The ba
by will not be separated from the mother so as to create bonding (bonding) between mother and child since now.are you interested in trying a water birth?,,, The guarantee does not hurt
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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

For Health Benefits of Sleep Day

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To obtain an instant freshness, not to drink caffeinated coffee high. Thirty-minute nap was already sufficiently eliminate fatigue and refresh your memory again, and improve mood.

While not visible directly, take a nap proved good for the health of your skin. We quote from 3 Fat Chicks, nap adequate and not excessive will help lower your stress hormones. With reduced levels of stress, the mind becomes more alert and automatically reduces the risk of skin aging.

Conversely, lack of sleep can be a bad consequence on the appearance of skin, such as yellowish, pale, and not fresh. The reason is, your body does not have enough time to release growth hormones that have an effect on the production of new cells, replacing old cells. This is the secret why adequate sleep can make you more refreshed.

A good nap does not need to be long, an important quality. To achieve the perfect skin health, nap effectively done for less than one hour. Thirty minutes is the ideal time. Even Sara
C. Mednick, PhD. from the University of California, USA, via WebMD, stated that 15 to 20 minutes for a nap is enough to refresh the system and increase the "motor" in your body.
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Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Rick Santorum Threatens Attack Iran's Nuclear Base

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Rick Santorum, is an ultra-conservative candidates for president of the United States from the Republican Party, has vowed to ensure that Iran is not allowed to produce nuclear weapons if he is elected as president.
"Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons under my supervision," Santorum said in the show `Meet the Press' NBC on Sunday, after the announcement by Iranian scientists that the country's production of nuclear fuel rods first.
Rick Santorum, former senator from Pennsylvania, said he was going to authorize air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities unless the country opened their doors to the inspectors.

Rick Storm Threatens Attack Iran's Nuclear Base 
West, led by the United States, suspect Iran of secret nuclear weapons program, but the Islamic republic insists it needs nuclear power for civilian purposes only.
Iran today has been the subject of international sanctions.
In recent months, large-scale psychological war launched against Iran.
Publications of West honorable lower scary reports about Iran's military plans, success in developing nuclear weapons and the country's terrorist schemes.

But I'm sure this is just American propaganda to dominate the world oil price
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Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Costume Lady Gaga on New Year's Eve

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Costume Lady Gaga on New Year's Eve-Lady Gaga charm back in the show, did not dress the meat, but this is obviously very attracted much attention!
Lady Gaga perform in Times Square, New York City, on New Year's Eve wearing a large black accessories are similar to the cage.
In the middle of his appearance, the Lady opened her boss and showing off her body wrapped in a black bodysuit.
After that, Lady Gaga help New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg lower the ball the new year wearing a Versace dress, combined with a jeweled mask that covers the entire her face. enchanting evening Lady Gaga in the new year.
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